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Giảm giá!

Đầu đĩa CD AudioBlock C-100

Giá: 16,100,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 8,050,000 

The Audioblock C-100 CD Player reads all standard formats such as CD, CD-R, MP3 as well as HDCD and has proven itself when tested by specialist magazines, surpassing the standard set by many other makes in its class.

The C-100 has a heavy bass without overdoing it, is clear and natural in mid-range and creamy and soft in the treble area, an area where most other CD Players show their weaknesses. It is no surprise after all seeing as how the finest technic from the best players is used.

Giảm giá!

Đầu đĩa CD AudioBlock C-220

Giá: 8,050,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 4,025,000 

Đầu đĩa CD AudioBlock C-220 có dải tần đáp ứng rộng (20Hz đến 20 KHz) đáp ứng đầy đủ các tiêu chuẩn của các bản thu chuẩn Audiophile.

Bên cạnh đó, đầu C-220 còn có thể đọc được các đĩa CD được ghi dưới định dạng MP3, CD-R CD-RW và thậm chí là chuẩn AIFF-CD’s!

Đầu phát Cary Audio DMS-500

Giá: 114,885,000 

The DMS-500 Digital Music Streamer is a groundbreaking design that not only meets the Hi-Fidelity demands of today, but also the future.  It’s hard to call something future proof, but streaming native PCM up to 32 bit 384 kHz, and DSD 64, 128, 256, 512, the future is actually here!  Connecting the DMS-500 to your wired or wireless home network opens up a new world of musical enjoyment like never before.  Easily stream any files from any MAC or PC computer(s), NAS drives, and Internet Music Services.  To go one step further, directly connecting USB hard drives, thumb drives, or SD Cards allows for “computer-less” playback of digital music.  Whether network or computer-less, the DMS-500 will transform your digital files effortlessly into beautiful analog rich music at a level you’ve come to expect from Cary Audio’s long history of renowned digital products.

Máy chủ nhạc số Elac DS-S101-G Music Server

Giá: 39,100,000 

Adding the Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server to an existing system is simple. Connect the Discovery to the internet and one of the outputs to the upcoming ELAC Integrated Amplifier or your existing system.

Adding your personal music collection is a snap. Connect either a hard drive to the rear mounted USB port or point the Discovery to your NAS (Networked Attached Storage) device and the Discovery will take care of the rest, organizing and gathering feature rich meta-data for your entire music collection.

Expanding your Discovery system to other rooms is easy. Whether you want the full functionality of an integrated amplifier or a simple wireless speaker in the kids’ room, the Discovery eco-system is ready to grow when you are.

* iOS (64-bit Devices), Android, Windows (7, 8, and 10) and Apple OSX

Đầu đĩa CD Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO CD

Giá: 57,500,000 

The Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC perfectly exemplifies our philosophy to design products which can interface different audio systems at the best audio quality. Infact the FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC is not only a CD player but is also provided with all the features making it a high performance digital to analog converter.

Đầu đĩa CD Audio Analogue CRESCENDO CD

Giá: 29,900,000 

The Crescendo CD by AIRTECH comes from a deep research in which it was decided to implement technologies previously used only in High-End reference products. The CD-mechanism used is the CD-5010B specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio applications. The CD-5010B has been developed starting from a CD Rom base, reducing its speed of rotation in order to avoid mechanical vibrations. The reading process has been improved by reducing in particular the contribution of jitter.

The DA conversion circuit is composed of a 192KHz/24Bit “very low recovered system clock” Burr Brown receiver (Jitter residue of 50ps!) and a 192KHz/24Bit  Burr Brown DAC with  Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture.

Đầu phát Network Ayon NW-T

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The Music NW-T is a new outstanding design which includes a Network-Transport with its “tube buffered digital output stage” and an Analog/Digital converter (ADC). The Network-Transport can be connected with any external DAC or CD-player with a digital input (DAC section). Furthermore its built-in ADC can be used to convert analog signals (e.g. of a phono-stage) into digital signals or into FLAC files respectively and to store them afterwards in an NAS. Special attention was paid to the tube-power supply and the digital output signal, because this digital interface is significantly involved to achieve “analog-magic” sound properties in the external DAC to a large extent. The NW-T was designed to maintain all advantages of a tube (in the power supply as well as in the digital output stage) in combination with streaming. The NW-T uniquely unifies both and offers a new dimension of sound far above its class.

The NW-T now is also available as DSD version.
Playback of DoP (DSD over PCM) and native DSD is supported by e.g. JRiver Media Center.
Existing NW-T’s can be upgraded to the  DSD version too.

Đầu phát Network Ayon S-5

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We are proud to introduce a sonically breath-taking model that may be the most musical and musically accurate Network-Player, the tube based S-5. The S-5 offers new dimensions of transparency and holographic. It immediately shows a large soundstage, greater transient speed top-to-bottom, purer resolution of low-level detail and expanded dynamic contrasts, with more bass slam, definition and extension. Compromise was not built into the S-5 design.

Đầu phát Network Ayon S-3

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The S-3 is a ground-breaking design and this ultimate combination of modern new design and time proven concepts, will deliver music and superb sound performance that you would expect from an Ayon product with maximum home audio flexibility. The S-3 includes a network player, analog preamplifier and a world class D/A-converter that gives the highest obtainable performance.

Bộ cơ CD Ayon CD-T

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The CD-T was designed to play compact discs with a stunning level of resolution, dynamics and musical naturalness. The overall sense of transparency and purity is simply breathtaking, offering a sense of relaxed intimacy with the recorded performance. The playback mechanism continues to be the unsurpassed Philips PRO-2 and still one of the best dedicated CD mechanisms available and providing world class performances in a perfect engineered design.

Đầu đĩa CD Ayon CD-3sx

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Ayon is pleased to introduce the CD-3sx, a new redesign of our already very highly regarded CD-3s model offering. The CD-3sx is also prepared for computer playback and general DSD professional audio use. The CD-3sx is in many respects another ground-breaking CD-Player design with a new advanced technology like a new 6H30 output stage, new magnetic clamp system with separate CD-LID, new DAC, new analog volume control system and a special tube based power supply. This CD-Player is a miraculous blend of resolution, powerful dynamic contrast, 3D holographic soundstage and smooth natural, homogeneously textures. The soul of the music experienced first-hand. The CD-3sx is one of the most exciting CD-Player with vacuum-tube output stage and one of the best sounding CD-Player what Ayon Audio ever built.

Đầu đĩa CD Ayon CD-1s

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Ayon is pleased to introduce the CD-1sx, a totally new redesign of our already very highly regarded CD-1sc model offering. The CD-1sx is also prepared for computer playback. The CD-1sx is in many respects a ground-breaking CD-Player design with a new advanced technology like a new single-ended 6H30 output stage and DAC. This CD-Player is presenting a new level of musical performance with stunning vitality, clarity, natural warmth, superb dynamic contrasts and besides all of them a superb construction quality. The CD-1sx is one of the finest CD-Player with vacuum-tube output stage in their class.