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Đầu đĩa CD Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO CD

Giá: 57,500,000 

The Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC perfectly exemplifies our philosophy to design products which can interface different audio systems at the best audio quality. Infact the FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC is not only a CD player but is also provided with all the features making it a high performance digital to analog converter.

Đầu đĩa CD Audio Analogue CRESCENDO CD

Giá: 31,200,000 

The Crescendo CD by AIRTECH comes from a deep research in which it was decided to implement technologies previously used only in High-End reference products. The CD-mechanism used is the CD-5010B specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio applications. The CD-5010B has been developed starting from a CD Rom base, reducing its speed of rotation in order to avoid mechanical vibrations. The reading process has been improved by reducing in particular the contribution of jitter.

The DA conversion circuit is composed of a 192KHz/24Bit “very low recovered system clock” Burr Brown receiver (Jitter residue of 50ps!) and a 192KHz/24Bit  Burr Brown DAC with  Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture.