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Ampli tích hợp Einstein The Amp Ultimate

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The first, developed by Einstein in 1988 in transistor technique called The amplifier Amp and has already become a legend. This integrated amplifier sat technical and audio standards, which have been praised by the world’s HiFi journalists. In 2012 we have decided to continue writing this story and even go one step further.

Ampli tích hợp Einstein The Tune

Giá: 195,500,000 

In the development of The Tune integrated amplifier our entire experience in analog amplifier construction and in digital technology have been incorporated.

This new Einstein integrated amplifier is sufficient absolute high-end demands and is also the perfect platform for digital media. A real Einstein product that have made known the sound and Schaltungsphilosphie that Einstein and find the highest in the world recognition, fully met.

Amply công suất Einstein The Silver Bullet OTL

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The OTL principle means that a tube amp works without sound limiting output transformers (hence the name, “Output TransformerLess” amplifier). The speakers attach directly to the output tube, without having to pass through sound limiting output transformers.

Amply công suất Einstein The Poweramp

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The development of Einstein Audio’s latest stereo amplifier, The power amp was heavily influenced by the new design of our mono amplifier, The Silver Bullet OTL. The big challenge was to maintain our claim of realistic music reproduction, obviously influenced by the listening experience of our The Silver Bullet OTL.