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Processor xem phim Cary Audio Cinema 12

Giá: 114,885,000 

The Cinema 12 adds new technological advances in cinema audio to take your home theater to the next level. Four HDMI v1.4a inputs are included to take advantage of advanced features of new displays and players. The Cinema 12 supports most 3D formats, 48-bit deep color, audio return channel, Ethernet channel, and CEC power on/off features. Utilizing the Cirrus Logic CS49700 series chipset and HDMI v1.4a, the Cinema 12 has the ability to properly decode and playback both the raw bitstream and lossless linear PCM signals from the latest high resolution formats, including Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and DTS-HD Master Audio. To increase audio performance beyond that of the Cinema 11a, the Cinema 12 offers the very latest Burr Brown 32 bit/192 kHz surround DAC chips for the most impressive surround separation and steering, and the most accurate audio decoding. The Cinema 12 has the ability to set separate Listener Profile speaker settings for playback of Music and Movies. The Cinema 12 uses the best available components in the audio circuit, resulting in extraordinary sound quality, which is a trademark of Cary Audio Design products. The Cinema 12 also contains an HD radio tuner for the highest resolution signals from FM broadcasts. Add to this an all new programmable remote and without question, the Cinema 12 is the highest performing home theater processor available today.