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[Hàng trưng bày] Loa center Usher X-616

Giá: 18,000,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 9,000,000 

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The X-616 is Usher’s top-of-the-line center channel speaker, specifically designed and tuned for home theaters. This extremely dynamic monitor works well with all of the Usher 6 Series and X Series speakers. Composed of two 7-inch Kevlar woofers and a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter crossed over at 3 kHz, the X-616 is optimized for lifelike vocals and center range program material. Features include solid wood cabinetry protected with seven coats of lacquer, four speaker terminals with bi-wire, bi-amp capability and sold brass jumpers.

Mô tả

Thông số kỹ thuật:

  • Thiết kế: 2 đường tiếng
  • Loa tweeter 1.25″ (9950C-15)
  • Loa mid-bass 7″x2 (8836AC2)
  • Độ nhạy: 90 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
  • Trở kháng: 4 ohms
  • Tần số đáp ứng (-3 dB): 48Hz ~ 28 kHz
  • Công suất: 100 watts
  • Tần số cắt: 2.5 kHz
  • Trọng lượng: 19.5kgs
  • Kích thước (w x d x h): 63.5 cm x 36 cm x 29 cm
  • Trọng lượng vận chuyển: 23.5 kgs /pc
  • Kích thước vận chuyển (w x d x h): 71.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 37 cm

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