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Loa Lansche Cubus – MK2

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At the heart of this loudspeaker you will find not only our CORONA plasma tweeter but also a completely re-designed midrange horn. The new design features no preliminary chambers for manipulating frequency response or compression chambers for increasing speaker efficiency, thus avoiding any of the sound colorations horns are traditionally known for.

A professional two-inch driver is used as the central transmission medium. Our proprietary mix of multiple horn opening functions ensures a frequency curve that is so sympathetic that the horn can be tightly filtered at the top and bottom of its range, further enhancing the sound quality. While that is a good reason in itself for our new design, the main reason lies in the horn’s deep coupling capacity right up to the crossover with the Corona – while maintaining excellent omnidirectional response all along its range.

Loa Lansche No 3.1

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The No. 3.1 loudspeaker is a perfect introduction to the fascinating sound world offered by a plasma tweeter. The goal of this design was to create a benchmark two-way loudspeaker with compact dimensions and an elegant appearance that is easy to integrate into any living or listening space. The main challenge was to develop a driver for the midrange and bass frequencies that is seamlessly matched to the superior speed and resolution of the plasma tweeter. This 20-cm driver design combines a very fast midrange response with a beautifully low bottom end and is complemented by a 22cm long excursion, which is integrated in a down-firing arrangement.

Loa Lansche No 4.2

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The No.4.2 loudspeaker is a 2 way system with an integrated active bass unit. Two side-positioned 10 inch long-stroke chassis are at work in each loudspeaker, which are activated by an integrated power amplifier.

This allows them to draw on their own customized power source, accessible without long signal paths, which thus keeps the chassis on a “short leash.”

As a result of the back-to-back configuration, the enclosure experiences only minimal vibrations and distortion is significantly reduced as compared to a single driver, which is subject to more motion. A pleasant side effect of the driver configuration is the slender form of the enclosure with its acoustically optimal baffle.

Loa Lansche No 5.1

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The No. 5.1 loudspeaker is a three-way system with a bass reflex design. The goal of this model is to bring together sophisticated audio culture with an enclosure designed for living spaces. The CORONA plasma tweeter, which is the loudspeaker’s centerpiece, is complemented by a 155-mm midrange driver to cover the middle frequencies. The lower the mass of the driver, the faster and more accurate its response is. The mass being moved by the midrange driver, which features a suspended voice coil, is just 7 grams. This advanced driver design enables a seamless integration of the crucial mid-frequency range with the plasma tweeter. The bass is handled by two 22-cm long-throw drivers. These can achieve a membrane displacement of +/- 1.2 cm. Despite its unobtrusive dimensions, the No. 5.1 can produce a solid bottom end well beyond the usual at-home volume levels.

Loa Lansche No 7.0

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Our top model, the No. 7.0, demonstrates the decades of experience we have in developing and building outstanding loudspeakers. The very best of materials and groundbreaking driver technology come together in these loudspeaker systems to create a match made in heaven. The most distinctive feature of the No. 7.0 loudspeaker is the D’Appolito group of drivers, surrounding the CORONA plasma tweeter with two midrange drivers and four bass woofers. The two midrange drivers perfectly cover the frequency range of the human voice, from 150 to 2,000 Hz. Thanks to an optimal membrane geometry, they reproduce high frequencies very homogeneously, even when angled. Four long-throw bass drivers surround the tweeter and midrange set with a pair on each side, ensuring a homogeneous distribution of the sound energy through the listening space.

Loa Lansche No 8.2

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The model already stands out due to its modular layout: This system is divided into three separate enclosures.

Two identical bass modules are used for the top and bottom segments, surrounding a tweeter-only module in the middle. The advantage of this layout is that each of the modules can be technologically and acoustically optimized separately, i.e., to match the very different requirements of bass, midrange and treble reproduction.

In the No. 8.2 system, all of the speaker drivers are vertically aligned using the symmetric D’Appolito layout. Thanks to precisely balanced frequency distribution, any room reflections interfering with the sound can be reduced to a minimum.