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[Hàng thanh lý] Loa sub Elac 2080D

Giá: 100,800,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 40,320,000 

Loa sub khổng lồ của Elac với 2 củ bass 25cm đối xứng.

Màu đen bóng.

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[Hàng trưng bày] Loa Elac FS 247.3

Giá: 67,200,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 47,040,000 

Hàng trưng bày, hoạt đột tốt.

Thùng & phụ kiện đầy đủ.

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Bộ loa xem phim Elac Cinema 10

Giá: 24,000,000 

The Cinema 10 Set delights from the first opening scene with its combination of all-inclusive functionality and plug-and-play convenience. Thanks to the matching accessories, you will quickly find the perfect position for these elegant and unobtrusive satellite loudspeakers. With their elegant brushed aluminum cabinets, the end result is a visual treat. And the sound! Combined with the powerful Debut S10 subwoofer, film soundtracks and music convey the powerful low-frequency foundation that brings life and realism to your home theater or surround-sound system.

Bộ loa xem phim Elac Cinema 30

Giá: 50,600,000 

Based on the successful BS 302, the Cinema 30 Set offers a full complement of loudspeakers, but with dimensions that make it hard to believe its true capabilities. The high-gloss paintwork also makes them an elegant addition to any interior. Supported by the powerful SUB 2030, this surround-sound system creates a huge sound stage where even the finest details of movies and music are revealed and the lowest frequencies are felt as well as heard.

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Bộ loa xem phim Elac Cinema 5

Giá: 15,600,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 15,000,000 

ELAC’s Cinema 5: 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System with Active Subwoofer delivers performance on a grand scale in one compact, easy-to set up package that opens up a whole new dimension in listening. Inside this box is a six-piece surround-sound speaker system engineered to expand your sonic landscape, while taking up so little space you barely know it’s there.

Loa active Elac AM200

Giá: 36,000,000 

The multi-award winning JET 5 tweeter and aluminum sandwich midrange/woofer fitted to the AM 200 convert the full spectrum of electric signals into true audiophile sound, from crisp treble to accurate, controlled bass.

Loa âm tường Elac IW-D61-W

Giá: 11,520,000 

This 2-way in-wall speaker shatters expectations with award-winning Debut sound, delivering musical refinement, deep bass and impressive power handling that are hallmarks of every Debut design. Now, discriminating listeners can bring ELAC quality reproduction into every room where space, layout or aesthetics demand a virtually invisible solution. Whether used for two-channel systems or incorporated into home theater and surround-sound systems, the IW-DC61-W is the perfectionist’s choice.

Loa bluetooth Elac Discovery Z3

Giá: 19,200,000 
ELAC Discovery™ Z3 Wireless Speaker with 140 Watts of powerful built-in amplification means all you do is plug it in and listen! ELAC’s custom-designed drivers deliver crystal-clear highs and deep bass with so much impact you’ll think there’s a subwoofer hidden in the room! With just one system, you can stream all your favorite music effortlessly with Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, Discovery Connect and Bluetooth, using your smartphone or tablet… to any room in your home.

Loa center âm tường Elac IW-D51-W

Giá: 7,200,000 

This 2-way, three-driver center-channel is designed to perfectly complement the Debut IW-D61-W in-wall and even Debut floorstanding and bookshelf designs, creating a seamless center stage and bringing heightened realism to movie soundtracks and multi-channel surround-sound. Finally, a center channel in-wall solution that delivers all the performance of a free-standing center-channel, invisibly.

Loa Elac Adante AF-61

Giá: 172,800,000 

The ultimate Adante is a bold loudspeaker that breaks through boundaries and challenges the limitations of traditional designs. Engineered and built to quality standards that exceed every expectation, the AF-61 Floorstander delivers performance that will satisfy the most demanding audiophile. It is a loudspeaker of substance for uncompromising listeners searching for the speaker that does it all, at a price as satisfying as its sound.

Loa Elac Adante AS-61

Giá: 86,400,000 

Designed with the identical drivers as its floorstanding sibling, the AS-61 Stand Mount delivers reference-standard Adante sound with just a fraction less bass extension and output. The ideal solution for a two-channel music system or the basis for a surround-sound installation, don’t call it a bookshelf: this is a no-compromise monitor designed for serious listeners. Dedicated stands are available and recommended.

Loa Elac BS 243.3

Giá: 36,000,000 

Don‘t be fooled by its size as the BS 243.3 is an incredibly accomplished performer. Whether in a free-standing position on dedicated supports or on a shelf close to a wall – the BS 243.3 is a superb all-rounder.

Loa Elac BS 244.3

Giá: 48,000,000 

These larger compact models are the perfect choice when it comes to delivering „even better“ sound in small spaces. Dynamics, bass extension, and precision: the BS 244.3 does it all thanks to its powerful 180 mm woofer.

Loa Elac BS 302

Giá: 16,100,000 

ELAC BS 302 là mẫu loa nâng cấp từ model 301.2 đã rất thành công của hãng. Toàn bộ vỏ ngoài loa được chế tạo từ hợp kim nhôm với độ bền cao nhưng vẫn đảm bảo tiêu chí nhẹ nhàng và giúp giảm nhiều kích thước của loa trong khi vẫn giữ nguyên được thể tích thùng.

Loa Elac CC 241.3

Giá: 26,400,000 

The center speaker is undoubtedly its most important voice. So it‘s no surprise that a great deal of attention went into the development of the CC 241.3. The resulting sound perfectly complements every loudspeaker in the Line 240.3.

Loa Elac center Adante AC-61

Giá: 57,600,000 

With the Adante Series, surround-sound and home theater listeners can build a system with truly impressive performance. So why should they have to settle for a center channel that’s not up to the task? The AC-61 is a no-compromise complement to Adante floorstanding and stand mount speakers, designed to integrate seamless center-channel sound across the front soundstage. A dedicated center stand is available and recommended.


Giá: Liên hệ

Chỉ với thết kế bề ngoài, Elac CONCENTRO đã thể hiện nét sang trọng và tinh tế của một đôi loa đẳng cấp. Ẩn chứa bên trong chính là hàng loạt những tinh hoa được đội ngũ kỹ sư Elac thai nghén và ấp ủ trong nhiều năm nhằm ra mắt vào đúng dịp sinh nhật lần thứ 90 của hãng loa giàu truyền thống đến từ Đức.

Với chiều cao xấp xỉ 1m7, tổng trọng lượng 140Kg/chiếc và hàng loạt các công nghệ chế tạo tiên tiến của Elac, CONCENTRO hoàn toàn xứng đáng là đôi loa tham chiếu đầu bảng của hãng.

Thùng loa dạng cong elip được làm bằng gỗ và hoàn thiện bên ngoài bằng lớp sơn mài trắng hoặc đen. Tất nhiên, cũng như các đôi loa cao cấp khác của Elac, bạn vẫn có thể yêu cầu bất kỳ màu sắc nào sẵn có trong hệ thống màu RAL.

Loa Elac Debut S12EQ

Giá: 18,860,000 

Nothing brings realism to recorded sound like deep, authoritative bass. The rich, powerful bottom octaves are fundamental—literally—to the life of music and movie soundtracks when it comes to reproducing the full spectrum of instruments and sound effects. Add a debut powered subwoofer to your sound system and discover what you’ve been missing.

Loa Elac FS 247.3

Giá: 67,200,000 

Although it appears discreet, slender, and unobtrusive, its acoustic properties are anything but. With an astonishingly refined yet detailed sound, this is a loudspeaker that you‘ll never tire of listening to.

Loa Elac FS 249.3

Giá: 134,400,000 

FS 249.3 is technically sophisticated but nevertheless very straightforward. By exercising masterful control over every frequency band, it offers deep and accurate bass, an authentic midrange, and superb high-frequency resolution.