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Music Server Elac DS-S101-G

Giá: 36,000,000 

Adding the Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server to an existing system is simple. Connect the Discovery to the internet and one of the outputs to the upcoming ELAC Integrated Amplifier or your existing system.

Adding your personal music collection is a snap. Connect either a hard drive to the rear mounted USB port or point the Discovery to your NAS (Networked Attached Storage) device and the Discovery will take care of the rest, organizing and gathering feature rich meta-data for your entire music collection.

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Đầu phát Network Player Primare NP30

Giá: 84,000,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 58,800,000 

The NP30 Network Player adapts any high quality music system for audiophile streaming, internet radio and gapless audio playback, through integration with UPnP devices such as PC/Mac/NAS iPod®, iPad®, iPhone® or USB thumb drive. It’s a genuine 24/192 DAC including 3x optical, 1x SP/DIF, USB-A, USB-B, WLAN, LAN inputs (incorporating an asynchronous master clock for low jitter), and XLR, RCA, Digital (192 kHz), IRout, TRIGout outputs. A high quality aptX Bluetooth upgrade is available for the NP30 (see NP30 Design Brief in Downloads or view the product in the ‘Streamers’ section).

Đầu đĩa Universal Primare BD32 – MK2

Giá: Liên hệ

Equipped with audiophile reserves of clean power distributed across multiple supplies, the BD32 MKII will render spectacular detail and luminous colour from native 4K sources, and transform Blu-ray and DVD at four times the resolution of FullHD 1080p. You’ll love the fluid, naturally vibrant pictures generated by over eight million precisely defined pixels, and the explosive audio dynamics derived from multichannel film sound, CD, SACD, DVD-A discs and DSD files over USB and Windows SMB. Enjoy easy access to similarly enhanced media through wired or Wi-Fi networks (using an external USB dongle supplied), USB or DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) devices together with effortless operation via a clear and dimmable OLED display in tandem with our C24 system remote.

Updates are as intuitive. On initial set-up and connected to the internet via its LAN port, the BD32 MKII will automatically download the latest software from the Primare website. Further upgrades are easily completed via the set-up menu. The MKII’s beautifully understated design also offers deceptively wide range of connections for integration with home automation systems and control over additional components like home theatre projectors and screens.

The BD32 MKII will reveal the quality of your audio and video entertainment more vividly than ever before, and supply the reassurance of superior design, material specification and functional simplicity for which Primare is world renowned. For the perfect union of sound and picture in the classic Primare style, introduce the BD32 MK II to the SP33 and A30.7 or the SPA23 and A34.2. All models are available in luxury brushed black or titanium.

Đầu đĩa CD Primare CD32

Giá: Liên hệ

The CD32 is the successor to and upgrade for the successful and acclaimed balanced CD31 CD player. Every component, from the CD transport to the audio output stage, has been designed to achieve the highest possible audio performance. For the many music lovers with large and growing CD collections, the CD32 will ensure that the silver disc continues to provide easy access to ever greater fidelity. Even so, the CD32 will also unlock the vast store of music available from the Internet, playing and controlling MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc. Whichever source you choose the CD32 will respond with exceptional sound according to the data available.

Đầu đĩa CD Primare CD22

Giá: Liên hệ

The CD22 is the successor to and upgrade for the successful and acclaimed CD21 CD player. Every component, from the CD transport to the audio output stage, has been designed to achieve the highest possible audio performance.

It incorporates a dedicated CD-transport with a considerable five second buffer memory in order to provide the best jitter suppression and protection from mechanical shock. Operation can be customised by choosing the preferred sample frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192kHz. Comprehensive outputs include unbalanced RCA analogue, together with SPDIF and TOSLINK digital outputs. The CD22 will also play and control MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc.


Đầu đĩa CD Ayre Acoustics CX-7eMP

Giá: 94,800,000 

Whether you are just starting your venture into high performance audio or upgrading your current system, the 7 series products will enthrall and involve you with their musical ease and authenticity. Designed and hand built in Boulder, Colorado, the 7 series products are highly acclaimed around the globe and constructed for a lifetime of enjoyment. Audition a 7 series product and change the way you listen to music.

“Highly involving, the Ayre CX-7 brings an unusual sense of rhythmic rightness to all music, with deep, defined bass, excellent dynamics, three-dimensionality, and tonal accuracy.”

– 2004 Recommended Products Editors Choice, The Absolute Sound

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[Hàng trưng bày] Đầu phát kiêm giải mã DAC Accustic Arts STREAMER ES

Giá: 120,000,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 36,000,000 

Bên cạnh khả năng giải mã âm thanh chất lượng cao, STREAMER ES còn mang đến sự tiện dụng khi có thể điều khiển trực tiếp tất cả các chức năng của thiết bị thông qua màn hình 3.5 inch colour TFT display. Màn hình rộng còn giúp STREAMER ES hiển thị bìa đĩa đầy đủ, thay vì chỉ có tên bài hát, ca sĩ trình bày và thời lượng như trước đây.

Tình trạng: Hàng trưng bày, đầy đủ thùng xốp, phụ kiện.

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Đầu đĩa CD Accustic Arts PLAYER I

Giá: 254,400,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 101,760,000 

The new star of the ACCUSTIC ARTS® top series is beyond doubt the PLAYER I. As well as being an excellent CD player, at the same time the PLAYER I can also be used as an external DA converter equipped with a coaxial and asynchronous USB input for HD audio and DSD. These inputs allow the connection, for example, of a laptop, MAC or computer, or any other digital source device.

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Đầu đĩa CD Accustic Arts PLAYER II – Đã bán

Giá: 508,800,000 
Giá ưu đãi: 203,520,000 

Auf der diesjährigen High End stellt ACCUSTIC ARTS® seinen neuen PLAYER II vor, einen CD-Player und D/A-Wandler der absoluten Spitzenklasse.