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Loa Usher D-2 II

Giá: Liên hệ

Usher D-2 II Horn Speakers are Usher’s crowning achievement and offer the closest possible sound to a live performance – if you want to get as close to a Symphony Hall or packed out rock gig at home, these are the speakers for you. The D-2’s feature horn driven sections and dynamic drivers, allowing them to offer an incredibly neutral, well balanced sound with a frequency range that extends to crystal clear clarity at the top end and tuneful, powerful response at the bottom end.

We thought Usher had done their best with the Be20’s, until we heard these. Put the D-2 and Be20 side by side and the Be20s are put to shame. Even though the Be20 are still some of the best speakers we’ve ever heard at any price, the D-2’s simply offer more. More transparency, more depth, more realism and more enjoyment. Expect to immerse yourself in music for countless hours and enjoy a level of hi-fi performance once unimaginable – until now.