Ampli tích hợp Audio Analogue CRESCENDO

Giá: 31,200,000 

Audio Analogue Crescendo AMP by AIRTECH has on output power of 50W on a 8Ohm impedance and 80W on a 4Ohm impedance with a THD+N of less then 0.05%.  The SNR is more than 100dB and the band-width more than 150KHz. Crescendo AMP by AIRTECH is a High End product in all its parts. The cooperation with AIRTECH has helped to make a unique a products that was already very good: the changes and technologies used in some key points of the circuit are mainly related to the wiring, cables used are 7N OCC in pure copper, the same used for the production of AIRTECH cables, adding Wima capacitors for better filtering and decoupling of the states. These changes effectively allow a significant improvement of sound performance on all parameters and mainly in micro detail and the three-dimensionality of the sound stage. The sound is more open, listening is more pleasant, never tiring thanks to better “musicality”.

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Technical Data Audio Analogue CRESCENDO Amp:

  • Dimensions: 81 x 445 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 10,5 Kg / 23,1 Lbs
  • Line Gain: 6 dB
  • Power Amp gain: 27 dB
  • Line Input Impedance: 40 KOhm
  • Frequency Response: 150 KHz
  • Noise Level: < -100 dBV
  • SNR: > 100 dB
  • Output Power on 8Ohm Load: 50W @ 0.05% THD + N
  • Output Power on 4Ohm Load: 80W @ 0.05% THD + N
  • Inputs 5 Line Inputs + 1 Frontal Input
  • Outputs Tape Output + Phone Output + Trigger IN

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Audio Analogue

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