Media Board Primare MM30

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The MM30 multimedia upgrade module adapts the EISA award-winning I32 integrated amplifier and the recently introduced PRE32 stereo preamplifier for audiophile streaming, internet radio and gapless audio playback, through integration with UPnP devices such as PC/Mac/NAS iPod®, iPad®, iPhone® or USB thumb drive. It’s a genuine 24/192 DAC board including coax, TOSLINK, USB-A and USB-B inputs (incorporating an asynchronous master clock for low jitter), and a high resolution coax output. The MM30 can itself be enhanced with a high quality aptX Bluetooth option.

DAC upgrades from certain brands are known to interfere with the analogue output causing a noticeable deterioration in sound quality. Consistent with Primare design philosophy, the digital and analogue signal paths within the Primare media upgrade have their own dedicated ground planes; a design feature which protects the purity of the analogue signals.

The I32 and PRE32 can be purchased with or without media upgrade. Primare Control Apps are available for iPhone/iPad and Android.


Mô tả

Thông số kỹ thuật Media Board Primare MM30:

  • External Inputs:
  • 1 Coax input at 192kHz
  • 3 Toslink inputs at 96kHz
  • (1 antenna input for DAB or FM signals – can be adapted for aptX Bluetooth upgrade)
  • 1 asynchronous USB-B input allowing playback of 192kHz audio from a computer
  • 1 asynchronous USB-A input, allowing the device to play audio from USB/Iphone
  • 1 Coax output transmitting at 192 kHz. Always connected to the active input source.
  • Inputs selectable from I32 and PRE32 using the C23 remote control or the front panel input selector switch: Coax input, Toslink 1-3, USB-B input (from computer USB interface), USB-A input, allowing the device to play audio from USB/Iphone, MEDIA input – this input must be selected to play streaming media.
  • The Media Module can be controlled by an external MM30 App
  • The MM30 can be connected to a wired or wireless network.



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