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2009 saw the start with instrumental titles for the first compilation. Vol. 2 then included female vocals. So now it is only logical for us to dedicate Vol. 3 to male vocals. This is partly the consequence of the extensive feedback received after Vol. 2.

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The majority of the fans of our new compilation series <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> were also keen to hear male vocals. And that is now possible in the usual top quality for audiophiles. We have taken some time to select the titles. We refrained from using well-known sources, but consciously decided to give unknown names a chance. We have also repeatedly listened to the recommendations of sound engineers. The result is a selection of recordings we remain enthusiastic about even after many listening sessions. We are proud that <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> is distributed in over 35 countries, mainly via the high end audio trade. And we are curious to know how you will like our selection.

Danh sách bài hát album “Uncompressed World – Vol.3”:

  1. Jeff Cascaro – The sun is shining for our love
  2. Big Daddy Wilson – Anna
  3. Daniel Stelter feat. Kosho – Where I’m going to be
  4. Peter Fessler/NDR Bigband – Triste
  5. Nighthawks – Slave to the moon
  6. Lilienthal – Talk to me
  7. Theo Bleckmann – Running Up That Hill
  8. Marc Secara – Now and forever
  9. Kieran Goss – Reach out (I’ll be there)
  10. Brendan Murphy – Put All Your Faith In Me
  11. Steve Reeves – In my heart
  12. Mike Janipka – The wind
  13. Udo Schild – Thank you
  14. Ian Parker – With or without you

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